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Shipping to the continental US and Hawaii 

 Pallet cost is for supplies only! No labor charge.
Current wood/hardware cost is $60
($100 for a "Roller")   4/11/24

Typical shipping cost to a business with a fork lift or dock is around $400 on the west coast, $600 central, and $750 east coast. (Northern most states and lower Florida add about $100 Rollers add about $250)

Crated Frame Dimension
   152x47x14 for a standard '32    131x46x14 for a Model A (bobbed)
Base frame weight
  195 lbs for '32 or unbobbed Model A    185 lbs '32 or Model A bobbed
Pallet weight varies as to how green/wet the wood is 150 lbs min- 250 lbs max.
   Email for a quote. 

  All frames must be shipped to a location with a fork lift or shipping dock due to the length. Or picked up at the nearest shipping hub.  "Rolling chassis" must be shipped unassembled.

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