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1932 Ford Frame Pinched for Model A $2400
           As pictured with notches $2550


If you ask around you will get many different opinions on whether your frame will need to be pinched for a 1930 - 1931 body. Although the one thing you must consider is a '30 - '31 Ford cowl is 1 1/2" narrower at the bottom than a 1932 Ford.  Many people choose to build their car the way it was done in the "old days."  One technique would be to sit the body on top of the frame with a wood spacer from the firewall to the wheel well. Another would be to spread the cowl at the bottom to fit the wider frame rails, but if you want the body to sit flat on the frame without spreading the cowl you will need to pinch the rails. You can also narrow the entire frame from front to rear, but this creates a rather  wide overhang of the body through  the door area and therefore is not done very often. It really just depends on how you want to mount the body ..... this will determine whether or not you need to have the rails pinched.

jim O 010.jpg

 This perimeter frame below is for a '28 - '29 ford model A. It has a tighter pinch at the cowl to fit the narrow firewall of the 1928 - 1929 body. Its a great alternative to a model A frame.

Picture 005.jpg

1928- 1929 perimeter frame

model a bobbed 003.jpg

'30-'31 pinched behind grill and bobbed

jig 014.jpg

All Model "A" frames come bobbed and capped at no extra charge

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